Is the stepper motor only used in low-speed scenes?

Is the stepper motor only used in low-speed scenes?r

Most industrial controllers know that both stepper motors and servo motors are controlled motors. They all know that servo motors have high speed, high torque, high precision, etc. Therefore, servo motors are used in many high-speed scenes. Select the stepper motor, the reason is that the stepper motor is easy to lose step, blocked, unstable, and then the servo is selected. There are also many people who believe that stepper motors are originally designed for low-speed scenes, and that stepper motors are cost-effective. It seems that the servo is selected at high speed, and the low-speed selection stepping becomes the unchanging truth. Some of them are also entangled in this kind of thinking, actively limiting the speed of the stepper motor in software.In fact, stepper motor development to today, low-speed scene is no longer the only applicable condition. The main reason is that the current production process and technology of the motor have been greatly improved. A considerable number of manufacturers at home and abroad have been able to produce stepper motors that support long-term operation. Another more important reason is that due to the development of the control technology of the stepping motor, a better algorithm can be provided for the normal operation of the stepping motor at high speed. Take the integrated stepper motor of Chongqing Pulse Robot as an example:
thanks to the accumulation and development of technology in the field of Small stepper motor drive controller, after integrating the PMC007 series of Micro stepper motor controller.When I communicated with this user multiple times to get the initial trust and ensure that our stepping can meet their requirements and can reduce the cost, the other party will start to shake and let us try. Stepper motors are originally designed for low-speed, low-cost applications, and some features are better than servos in low-speed scenes:
such as higher torque at low speeds, better stiffness for scenes that change quickly in some directions, and can quickly change direction. . If the application speed is small, such as piston pumps, photoelectric telescopes and other motion control applications can only use stepper motors. With the advancement of stepper motor and electronic technology, the current stepper motor has more and more outstanding performance in the middle and high speed. It can also be used in the textile industry at 1700 rpm to achieve high height, high precision and high stability. . As long as the stepper motor and drive control selection are well matched, it can only be said that in most cases, the selection step is better than the servo in the low speed scene.


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