Small stepper motor driver controller in the field of automation advantage

Stepper motor is an accurate converter which converts electrical pulse signal into angular displacement. Due to its characteristics of high precision and high torque at low speed, it is very suitable for providing the core power for mechanical automated production line.

Because the electric pulse signal is the input source of the stepper motor, controlling the electric pulse signal is equal to controlling the stepper motor. After years of development, the stepper motor performance has been gradually improved, the only limit to its performance is not the motor itself, but for the motor to send electrical pulse signal driver.

Driver, as the name suggests, is used to drive the motor machine, the main function is to send electrical pulses according to the instructions to drive motor rotation. At present, the traditional actuators in the market generally have the disadvantages of large volume, large noise, strong resonance, insufficient precision, single use, and difficult self-control by users, etc., so that users have to be willing to go further and further, and choose the servo motor with higher price and more difficult development, which is actually a misfortune in the field of automation.

After our continuous research and development summary, a small stepper motor driver controller came into being. This small stepper motor driver controller can not only drive the motor as a driver, but also control the motion accurately according to the user's preset by off-line programming. The existence of limit switch also enables it to control the movement according to the field environment to achieve real intelligent control; The encoder can also be used to make a closed-loop control.

In practical applications, not only the upper computer and offline programming can be used to achieve the purpose of control, but also the CANopen bus (PMC007) or RS485 (PMC006) bus can be used for systematic control. Multiple limit and zero ports on the controller also provide access to more industrial operations, making the control mode more diverse.

The figure above shows the closed-loop control principle of stepper motor. It is believed that this small-volume, high-performance stepper motor controller will have a better performance in the application field, and will certainly bring a new revolution in the field of automation!


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