Stepper motors can also play a role in medical equipment

Medical equipment requires fine operations, often with certain requirements on the accuracy of the motor. In addition, for analytical instruments that require the use of reagents, the motor needs to have low vibration characteristics in order to prevent contamination or data errors caused by reagent splashing.
Chongqing PUSI Robot closed-loop Integrated Motor + Drive/Controller PMC007  as an example.

Currently, T-type acceleration and deceleration and S-type acceleration and deceleration are used on the market.

The acceleration and deceleration of the T-shape is a piecewise constant, and there is a sudden change in acceleration, so there is a clear feeling of push-pull switching. Although the momentum of the moving parts is continuous, the torque provided by the motor is discontinuous, which easily causes the shaking of the moving parts or Tremor

Chongqing PUSI Robot closed-loop Integrated Motor + Drive/Controller PMC007 uses the S-curve acceleration and deceleration. As shown in the figure below, the S-curve acceleration and deceleration is relatively smooth, and its acceleration is continuously changed. The S-type acceleration and deceleration can make the start and stop motion of the motor smoother and reduce noise and vibration.

Chongqing PUSI Robot closed-loop Integrated Motor + Drive/Controller PMC007 in the medical field has promoted the rapid development of the industry. The most typical equipment represents automatic biochemical analyzer, micro pump, surgical robot, genetic sequencer, and intelligent manufacturing. You can't detect the way you gradually change all walks of life, go deep into each device, you will find this simple and magical

Automatic bio analysis machine

Biochemical analysis is a very important test in clinical testing. Biochemical analysis is realized by an automatic biochemical analyzer. It is a clinical combination of electronics, optics, computer technology and various biochemical analysis techniques. The biochemical detection tool, the computer technology mentioned here involves Chongqing PUSI Robot closed-loop Integrated Motor + Drive/Controller PMC007, and the second figure is a set of automatic biochemical analyzer, which can fully realize sampling, adding reagents, de-interfering substances, mixing and heat preservation. , colorimetric and other steps, the precise positioning mechanism required here includes a reagent needle moving mechanism, a reagent tray rotating mechanism and a reagent conveying mechanism, the upper computer issues an instruction to control the rotation angle of the plurality of stepping motors, and the motor shaft drives the transmission mechanism to make each Large motion mechanisms operate simultaneously to achieve the desired control effect


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