How to use small stepper motor controller to achieve voltage speed regulation

Many customers want to get rid of the upper computer directly and achieve the stepper motor speed regulation function by adjusting the voltage. However, the traditional small stepper motor driver only has the driving function and no control function, so the small stepper motor driver cannot meet this requirement.
The small stepper motor controller of chongqing pusirobot not only has driving function, but also has powerful control function, online control and offline control can be realized. The following is a case study of PMC006B4 of chongqing booth robot, to see how this small stepper motor controller realizes voltage speed regulation function.
First, there is the wiring problem. The wiring of PMC006B4 signal port is shown in the figure below (the resistance is selected according to the adjustable voltage range required) :

Then, connect the controller with the computer and write offline programming according to your actual needs:


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