Calculation of torque of driving mechanism of stepping motor

Calculation of torque of driving mechanism of stepping motor
    Previously we talked about the stepping motor system choice, now we will talk about the stepping drive mechanism load torque calculation.
    Usually when we choose the stepper motor, we will mention various related parameters, such as current, speed, maintaining torque and so on. The next thing we need to analyze is the load moment.
    So what are the load moments? The load torque is the torque required when the stepping motor drives the load.
    The figure below is an analysis of Step servo motor Canopen bus stepper motor with spectrum as an example (in the case that the stepping motor does not add a reducer):

    The following formula can be used to calculate the load torque of the stepping screw:

       If the load is large, the required torque will also increase, it must be said that the stepper motor in the low and medium speed torque advantage is obvious, can be equipped with a reducer, suitable for a variety of occasions. The larger the instantaneous maximum torque is, the larger the inertial load is, and the larger the workpiece quality is. The same size can bear a larger load, and the actual device design is more flexible. The Step servo motor Canopen bus stepper motor can realize miniaturization of the device, and can precisely control the positioning of items. The maximum 256 subdivision can be adjusted, and the accuracy is up to 0.007, ensuring accurate positioning with high precision.


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