Why do stepper motor drivers need durability testing?

Accelerated aging refers to the use of heating, humidity, oxygen, sunlight, vibration and other deteriorating conditions to accelerate the normal aging process of items. It usually helps to determine the long-term effects of expected stress levels in a relatively short period of time through controlled standard testing methods. When the actual life data are not available, it is used to estimate the service life of the product or its shelf life. This happens when the product does not last long enough to experience its life: for example, a new automotive engine or a new polymer used to replace joints. Through physical or chemical testing of products Representational stress levels over a long period of time, Exceptionally high levels of pressure, used to accelerate the effects of natural aging, or Stress level of intentional forced failure (further analysis). Mechanical components operate at very high speeds, far exceeding the speed of normal use. Polymers are usually kept at high temperatures to accelerate chemical decomposition. The environment room is usually used. In addition, the equipment or material under test may be affected by rapid (but controlled) changes in temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, etc. For example, heat and cold cycles can simulate the effects of day and night for hours or minutes. When applied to our stepper motor driver, we first use mechanical vibration to test the circuit board of the driver for one hour and high frequency vibration to detect whether there is virtual soldering on the PCB board. After vibration testing, we began to carry out high current, high speed, up to 48 hours of uninterrupted testing. First, high current is to test whether the circuit in PCB of stepper motor driver has short circuit, open circuit, and can not withstand high current impact. Another reason is that the high temperature and high heat produced by high current can make the material itself deform. Whether the deformation will damage the circuit in the circuit board is the most important link to verify whether the stepper motor driver can be qualified for industrial production.


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