Coiling mechanism motor selection and solution

Coiling mechanism motor selection and solution

To achieve higher processing quality, the winding mechanism has strict requirements on the operation mode, and the torque and speed required by the mechanism are constantly changing, resulting in the motor.
The requirements are also very special. Below we will analyze the characteristics of the organization in detail and find a solution.

Operating requirements of the take-up mechanism
1, constant speed
The equipment is usually processed by a take-up mechanism to transport the material and is taken up to obtain the packaged material.
This process undoubtedly requires a constant speed to evenly process/roll the material.

2, constant tension
The material can only be processed while the material is being straightened. If the tension is too weak, wrinkles may occur.
If it is too strong, the material will be stretched or even broken.

The key to meeting the requirements - applying "braking force"
In order to ensure a constant tension, one end of the take-up mechanism needs to apply an appropriate "braking force". Even if the device is different, the principle of the take-up mechanism is constant.

Changing motor torque and speed
When you start the reel, the material is concentrated on the roller on the left. The state of the half and the end of the roll is different.
During the winding process, the diameter of the right roller is continuously increased, and the winding is twice as large as the beginning.
The tension change can be sensed by the tension sensor. It can be realized by using the closed-loop integrated stepping motor and open-loop stepping motor.

Motor selection
After analyzing the characteristics required of the motor, we will find the right type of motor for the "winding motor" and "brake motor".

Pusi closed-loop integrated stepper motor, open-loop stepper motor 
The use of the closed-loop stepping motor and the open-loop stepping motor can not only complete the winding, but also achieve high-precision and high-speed fixed-distance operation. It is especially suitable for the winding mechanism of inching operation such as taping machine, labeling machine and cutting machine.


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