How to upgrade the motion control of the fluid pump?

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, domestic emission reduction work has been advancing increasingly, in response to the call of General Secretary Xi "Green Water and Green Mountains". Environmental protection equipment companies springing up all over the country have developed rapidly. Water stations in environmental protection equipment and multifunctional analyzers for large integrated water stations are also called 5 parameters. It is a common equipment for water quality monitoring. Since last year, domestic environmental protection equipment has begun mass production and a new stage of use. However, in the water station equipment, the commonly used flow pump has also completed the overhaul and upgrading to the plunger pump. So today, we are introducing the latest operation and control scheme of plunger pump.
In the past, our common motion control scheme is stepper motor + stepper motor driver + host computer motherboard. The sensor is directly achieved on the motherboard. This traditional approach has many shortcomings. First, the main board can not be too large to reduce the overall volume of the water station. Secondly, there are many and complicated wiring between stepper motor driver and photoelectric sensor, which directly leads to the confusion of line and difficult maintenance. Third, the traditional stepper motor driver in the signal transmission process of signal loss is serious, easy to lose step, directly affecting the detection accuracy.

So we designed a streamlined motion control program for top environmental equipment companies. Firstly, based on our PMC006 series, the control of five solenoid valves is designed at the port. In this way, the problem of sensor control and wiring is solved. The original volume of PMC006 is only 42 motors, and the problem of pulse loss signal is solved by bus link of RS485.


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