How to Control Automatic Door at Low Cost

As shown in the figure, the induction automatic door has been widely used in various places, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls are everywhere, but its control mode is still traditional.

Fig. 3 is the traditional control mode. This control mode has the following shortcomings. 1. The whole control system is complex, the wiring will be messy, the construction difficulty will be increased. 2. The volume of the control system is too large, and many automatic door application scenarios.
High volume requirements, can not meet the requirements 3, because too complex will lead to higher hardware and software costs
The above problems can be effectively avoided by using the driving and controlling integrated stepping motor as shown in the figure below.

The disassembly structure of the integrated motor is shown in the following figure.

Stepper motor, encoder and stepper motor drive controller are integrated into one machine. The control program can be written directly into the controller, eliminating the huge control cabinet group.
The integrated machine has 20 IO input and output ports.

In the application of automatic door, the corresponding IO ports correspond to radar induction, door opening, door closing, emergency stop, speed regulating and rotation blocking detection. When the corresponding sensors are connected, the control requirements can be realized by writing the programmed off-line program. This scheme has the following advantages: 1. It can save installation space, satisfy the application of various installation scenarios 2. It can save the control cabinet group, simplify the step line, greatly reduce the difficulty of installation in Chengdu, 3. A one-in-one machine can realize the whole set of control requirements and reduce the project cost.


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