On September 4th, 2019, Pulse Robot officially lunched the new advanced product of IP64 multi turn absolute encoder waterproof integrated stepper motor (type number:MC007CxSEPM42 ) to the market!
The functional features of the integrated stepping motor are as follows:
IP64 waterproof treatment: IP64 waterproof with closed air connector and high performance sealing treatment;
Back to original position without sensor: With multi turn absolute encoder, the closed-loop control can realize the power-off memory position, and it can also realize the original position determination without sensor;
Bus networking control: CANopen bus network control, easily realize the industrial control network system of up to 120 nodes;
Multiple control mode support: PVT mode, PV mode, PP mode, synchronous positioning, analog positioning \ speed regulation, speed mode, position mode;
Multiple protection: Automatic over temperature, over current, under voltage and over voltage protection functions;
Integrated design: It integrated the driver and controller function with bus control and standard aviation plug to simplify the complexity of upper control system;
We hope it could help you to choose our product: integrated stepper motor, stepper motor controller, stepper motor driver.


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