PULSE Launch IP64 integrated stepper motor with Multi-turn absolute encoder

Since the introduction of the integrated stepper motor with Multi-turn absolute encoder with Power over Ethernet (PoE) function at the Industrial Exhibition in Hannover, Germany, PUSIROBOT has launched many upgraded products in response to the current epidemic. The integrated stepper motor with Multi-turn absolute encoder has also completed mass production. The integrated stepper motor with Multi-turn absolute encoder is of great significance when the current international epidemic situation cannot be resumed, and it is of great significance for enterprises to complete automation upgrades.

The PMC007C6SEP2I contains a motor, an encoder, a drive, and a controller integrated in a single integrated stepper motor kit, and brakes are integrated. Because there is no need to connect the motor power supply and feedback cable to an external motor controller, the integrated motor can receive power and Ethernet communication through a single cable, pusirobot said, which will bring greater design modularity and ease of installation.

The motor is based on the company's PMC007 closed-loop stepper technology. The CEO stated that it has many advantages over traditional open-loop stepper motor systems, including higher torque and higher efficiency. Other advantages include:

The same compact size and integrated control electronics as the previous generation of basic products allow the motor to be installed almost anywhere PMC007 technology can provide greater torque, higher acceleration, higher efficiency, reduced motor heating and lower noise

Support common protocols such as CANOPEN, easily adapt to existing industrial Ethernet networks

Compatibility with PoE + switches and injectors that support the IEEE 802.3at Type 2 specification

NEMA-17 frame PMC007 has an integrated 4096 count magnetic multi-turn absolute value encoder. Pusi indicates that the encoder has high position and speed accuracy. On-board motion control using the company ’s Q programming language enables the motor to independently run motion control profiles and programmatically respond to messages received on the Ethernet network. The X-coded M12 Waterproof stepper motor and modular RJ-45 connector options specific tointegrated stepper motor with absolute encoder, which allow the use of standard Ethernet ,Modbus,cables, are also under development.


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