Multi-Axis stepper motor motion controller solution

As we all know, PUSIROBOT has always provided a diversified stepper motor multi-axis motion control solution, from RS485, RS232, Modbus-RTU to CANopen and EtherCAT, PUSIROBOT multi-axis stepper motor drive control network system has developed very mature, in recent years Occupies a relatively large share in the automation market. But today I will introduce a new multi-axis motion control solution for you, which is our PMC005B3-five axis stepper motor motion control board. This was originally a multi-axis controller developed by PUSIROBOT specifically for the IVD industry. Recently, more and more industries have been used.

In conjunction with the motion control system of the injection pump and the sample arm, all stepper motors are integrated into one control board. Modular installation saves space and is convenient for installation, which is more conducive to later maintenance and creates a huge cost advantage.

The application of multi-axis stepper motor motion control board on the robot arm.

This multi-axis stepper motor motion controller is especially suitable for the motion control of more than two-axis, because a PMC005B3 can be connected to the motion control of a stepper motor of four-axis and the motion control of a brushless motor, and it can support up to five-axis at a time. Therefore, it has a very high cost performance in the motion control of the three-axis stepper motor and the four-axis stepper motor.


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