PUSIROBOT PMC007 series adapt to 4000 lines encoder

Our old users all know that the PUSIROBOT PMC007 series stepper motor driver has been adapted to two series of open-loop stepper motors and closed-loop stepper motors since its listing. PUSIROBOT has launched a multi-turn absolute value closed-loop stepper motor and a single-turn absolute value. After receiving unanimous praise from users, the precision of the incremental closed-loop stepper motor has been increased to 4000 lines. Currently, it can support all general standard AB encoders on the market. At present, the precision required in the field of industrial control and automation equipment is getting higher and higher. Due to cost and space, there is no small integrated ultra-high-precision stepping servo motor on the market to make up for this gap, especially in optical scanning in the field, the laser will amplify the original error of the stepping motor after multiple refraction.

Insufficient precision stepping servo system has never been able to meet the user's requirements. In response to this, the PUSIROBOT PMC007 series stepping drive controller directly increases the precision adaptation to 4000 lines to solve this problem. This is a small integrated stepping motor. It is the first in the field of chemistry.

At present, we support users to either use the PUSIROBOT PMC007 stepper motor driver, connect their own encoder and stepper motor to form a closed-loop system, or directly choose PUSIROBOT's closed-loop stepper machine series.


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