Introduction to Integrated Stepper Motor System

PUSIROBOT products lead the combination of motors and electronic components in a compact package, and lead the mainstream of today's sports industry: integrated stepping motors. The integrated stepper motor can simplify the motion system design. In today’s fast-developing industrial environment, their integrated design of motors and electronic products has huge advantages.

Since its first release nearly 6 years ago, the PUSIROBOT integrated motor series has taken stepper motion control technology to a new level, not only improving accuracy, but also providing other benefits of compact packaging. The first is to reduce the size of electronic devices by using surface mount technology and application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) to make them suitable for stepper motors. Now it has been expanded to include functions that stepper motors did not have before. The latest PUSIROBOT products provide closed-loop performance, speed control, energy-saving effects and a series of standardized communication options, including EthernetTCP/IP and CANopen. Many options and accessories are also provided, including absolute encoders, tethered shaft electric cylinders, gearboxes, etc.

Liu, head of the PUSIROBOT development team, said: "With integrated motion solutions, when you install the motor, you also need to install the electronic equipment pre-connected to the motor." "By adding power, you can basically plug and play. "

Integrated stepping integrated motion control solutions such as PUSIROBOT products can greatly reduce the complexity, size and cost of the machine. In the 1970s, it was a rack-mounted cabinet the size of a telephone booth, which contained a manually programmed drive, and has now developed into a complete programmable motion control system integrated on the motor.

Made to order, the product has a variety of standard functions. For applications that require unique features, our FlexCenter is dedicated to finding customized solutions.


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