Is the stepper motor microstepping larger the better?

The setting of the stepping motor microstepping is to solve the setting of the pulse equivalent of the control system. Generally, the driver can be set by pressing 2/4/......./512 through the dial switch. Some drivers such as Wuzhou Technology EZM552 It can be set arbitrarily from 1 to 512.

In actual use, the larger the microstepping setting, the higher the control pulse frequency. For example, the selected microstepping is 500, so the number of pulses required for a motor revolution is 500*200=100000. When the motor running speed is 10rps, the control pulse frequency needs 1MHz. At this time, many controllers cannot provide such a high control frequency, but the larger the microstepping, the smoother the motor runs, especially at low speed, the effect is more significant.

If the microstepping setting is small, if the pure sine wave current control technology is not used, such as DM542, the motor jitter is relatively severe during operation, especially in the low speed operation stage. But using pure sine wave current control technology, such as PMC006B4, it runs with almost zero noise in the low-speed stage.

The final microstepping setting is based on the controller's control frequency range and processing accuracy and other factors, setting the appropriate microstepping, it is not necessary that the bigger the better.


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