Multi-turn absolute encoder-a new solution for integrated stepper motor

We have previously compared the similarities and differences between absolute encoders and incremental encoders in terms of function and principle. I believe everyone has a preliminary understanding of the relative applications of absolute encoders and incremental encoders. Today, the editor mainly introduces industry cases and applications of multi-turn absolute encoders on integrated stepper motors.

Therefore, many manufacturers use the following stepper motor combined with a multi-turn absolute encoder solution:.

Install a through-beam optocoupler on the transmission device of the incremental closed-loop motor to help the mechanical arm find the zero position after powering on. Due to the need to install the baffle that triggers the optocoupler, this solution also needs to be wired at the extremely compact mechanical arm transmission joint, which brings huge difficulties to the design of the early structure, installation and later maintenance, and has been criticized by countless manufacturers..

Therefore, many manufacturers use the following stepper motor combined with a multi-turn absolute encoder solution:

However, due to the limited installation space of most manipulators, and the general split multi-turn absolute encoders are too large, this solution has not been widely used in light manipulators.

In addition to the mechanical arm, we also find similar applications in the motor control of electric valves commonly used in the industrial control industry. As shown in the figure below, the general mechanical optocoupler will be installed at the transmission position between the valve body and the motor.

Therefore, it will not only increase the volume of the entire valve body, but also make the mechanical design of the electric valve more complicated, and the need for wiring in the cavity is not conducive to achieving the valve body's sealing requirements. After adopting the integrated multi-turn absolute encoder closed-loop motor upgraded from the original volume by PUSI, the valve body can be directly connected, eliminating the limit switch transmission part. Make the degree of integration of the electric valve higher.

Do you have any other applications for multi-turn absolute closed-loop motors? Welcome to exchange!


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