A new solution for multi-axis stepper motor control

In equipment that uses multi-axis synchronous operation, how to effectively simplify the system and save wiring while achieving high synchronization is a major problem in equipment design and manufacturing.

In practical applications, especially in the IVD industry, when single-axis drives, the drive module, I/O module, and positioning module need to be connected to the upper computer respectively. The wiring is very cumbersome, the installation cost is high, and the maintenance is difficult. As shown below:

When using a single-axis drive:

With the PUSI multi-axis controller PMC005B3, only one cable is needed to connect to the upper system, and there is no need to wire one-by-one like a single-axis drive, and the wiring is simple. As shown in the figure below:

The case of using the PUSI multi-axis controller PMC005B3:

The motion control mode of PUSI PMC005B3 multi-axis controller bus communication is highly responsive and flexible, which enables multi-axis drives using this type of communication to perform highly synchronized multi-axis synchronous actions. It has excellent performance in medical equipment, laboratory instruments and other equipment and mechanisms that require multi-axis linkage to achieve precise motion.


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