A new solution for hydraulic pressure protection in the IVD industry

In recent years, the protection measures on IVD equipment have been gradually improved. Sensors such as liquid level detection and pressure have gradually become necessities. However, the sensitivity of domestic and even imported pressure sensors is not very high. therefore, the PAS07xx series launched by PUSI provides you with new solution, the following is a brief description of the PAS07xx series

Small retention volume

The PAS07xx series pressure sensor adopts orthogonal design to minimize liquid retention and reduce the influence of cavities and bubbles on the liquid path.

high sensitivity

1. It can distinguish the pressure value of different liquids

2. The time difference between air suction, liquid suction and blockage is obvious.

Less external interference

The internal integrated special filter can filter and compensate the pressure deviation, temperature drift, and nonlinearity, so it is not susceptible to external interference from equipment, motors, etc.

Small size, simple and clear appearance

The shell part is made of acrylic, and it is integrated, no need to add amplifying circuit, can be used directly.


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