How do you miniaturize an automated analyzer injection system?

Medical examination is an essential segment in modern medical research, and biochemical analyzer is one of the necessary instruments in medical examination. Because the price of large automatic instruments is often more than hundreds of thousands, these instruments only appeared in large medical institutions in the past. With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to their physical conditions, and small biochemical analyzer has attracted more and more attention.

Generally, the full-automatic analyzer can be divided into software part and stepping motor control part. The stepping motor control module is controlled by embedded software to realize the function of liquid taking and liquid transfer. The stepping control module can be divided into three parts: central controller, stepping motor drive and stepping motor. The specific requirements are as follows:

1. Central controller: a controller that sends pulses to the motor.

2. Stepper motor driver: three stepper motor drivers, which are required to meet the requirements of medium and low speed, low noise, encoder function and limit stop function.

3. Motors: 3 two-phase stepping motors.

This traditional control mode consists of many modules. In addition to the driver and PLC, a controller must be prepared to send pulses to the motor. The overall cost will increase relatively, and the structure cannot be minimized.

In order to reduce the cost and space structure, we can use the new control mode of pmc005. This mode subtracts redundant drivers and separate pulse sending controllers. Only one PLC, one pmc005 and three motors are needed to realize the functions of the whole injection system, saving customers the cost of purchasing and installing controllers (pulse modules) and drivers, so as to miniaturize the automatic injection system of small automatic biochemical analyzer.


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