Pressure sensors for pressure measurement in medical applications

Pressure sensors for pressure measurement in medical applications

For the application of equipment with medium and low pressure requirement which includes gas / liquid chromatograph, chemical analyzer, ventilator, blood analyzer and diagnostic equipment, the pressure sensor must not only be able to directly contact with liquid medium or withstand humid environment, but also provide highly accurate pressure measurement results for a variety of media such as exhaled gas, reagent, sample and cleaning fluid. Circuit board mounted pressure sensors are often the preferred solution in pressure ranges below 150 psi and narrow space applications. They can achieve everything in terms of function, package size, reliability and cost.​

To obtain the most accurate pressure reading, the sensor should be as close as possible to the medium to be measured. However, not all pressure sensors are compatible with liquid media, which poses a big problem for medical device designers. In many cases, they need to design additional components such as bypass or filter to solve the humidity problem, or reconsider the positioning of components, especially setting pipelines in the system to avoid any fluid contact with the sensor. These tasks require additional design time and cost.

Liquid and moisture proof

At present, sensor manufacturers have developed circuit board mounted sensors. These sensors can not only isolate the liquid medium and highly humid environment, and are suitable for medical equipment with low and medium pressure measurement requirements, but also simplify the design without additional protection functions or redesigning the product ensuring that the fluid will not contact the sensor.

The pressure sensor of PUSIROBOT provides a wide range of configuration options, which shortens the design and development time of medical device designers. In chemical analyzers, pressure sensors are required to provide highly accurate and repeatable measurements at low pressures and to withstand higher pressures during flushing and cleaning. PUSIROBOT provides high-precision and large range products, which can meet the measurement requirements and withstand repeated cleaning pressure.


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