Load torque calculation of belt conveyor drive

Common torque calculation of multi turn absolute stepping motor

Since the first multi turn absolute value stepping machine in China came into the market, it has been widely welcomed by users in the automation industry.There are also many problems worth discussing in the process of use, among which the calculation of torque is a common problem.In fact, the torque calculation of the multi turn absolute closed-loop stepping motor is basically the same as that of the ordinary stepping motor.There is not much difference.

Common load torque calculation methods

When selecting the stepping motor, first ensure that the output power of the stepping motor is greater than the power required by the load. When selecting the power stepping motor, the load torque of the mechanical system must be calculated first. The torque frequency characteristics of the motor can meet the mechanical load and have a certain margin to ensure its reliable operation.

Load torque calculation when lifting load


Load torque calculation of belt conveyor drive


Load torque calculation of belt conveyor drive



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