PULSE Launch Regeneration clamp RC010 Series

We believe that most DC drive systems require a clamp circuit, which can limit increases in bus voltage when the motor is decelerating under load. This is commonly referred to as regeneration, and occurs when DC motors are driven by their load.

When rapidly decelerating a load from a high speed, the kinetic energy of that load is transferred back through the drive electronics to the power supply connection. This increase in voltage can trip the overvoltage protection of a switching power supply and the excess energy will be transmitted back to the driver, causing damage to the driver or power supply.

For this reason Pulse offers a Regeneration clamp module for our DC drive products. It is designed to solve this problem by absorbing the regenerated energy in the capacitor and shunting excess energy through the power resistor. With this module one or more drives can be protected from over Voltage conditions, by placing the clamp module between the power supply and the drive. The clamp tracks the input power supply and will operate from 12 to 80 volts.

The RC010 module is small and compact to minimize impact on the system design. It has a beautiful design and color, and the heat dissipation fins throughout the body make the RC010 more efficient in handling work heat. For now the absorption power of RC010 is 10W, we will introduce a regeneration clamp with higher absorption power very soon.


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