Application of PUSIROBOT Stepper Motor Driver on Displacement Platform

In the field of precision measurement, electric displacement platforms play a crucial role in achieving highly precise control at the micro and nano levels. This is essential for laboratory research, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and other related areas. This paper explores the application of PUSIROBOT stepper motor drivers in electric displacement platforms and highlights their advantages.

Firstly, let's provide a brief introduction to electric displacement platforms: an electric displacement platform is a device driven by a stepper motor to change the position of an object. It enables high-precision position control in various applications, including industrial, research, medical, and other fields. Its fundamental components typically include an electric actuator, control system, and sensors. The following diagram illustrates the electric displacement platform used by the customer.

Let's analyze some key features:

1.Precise Control with Small Stepping Angles
PUSIROBOT stepper motor drivers are capable of controlling with small stepping angles. In measurements at the nanometer level, where high precision is crucial, the ability to control with tiny stepping angles enables extremely accurate displacement control, avoiding interference from excessive motion that could impact measurement results.
2.Multi-Turn Absolute Value Closed-Loop Control System
Additionally, we can provide a combination of motors with a multi-turn absolute value closed-loop control system. This system can continuously monitor the motor's position and provide feedback control in real-time. Through constant position feedback, the system can adjust the motor's movement, ensuring it reaches the predetermined position, thereby enhancing the system's stability.

3.High-Resolution Encoder
The PUSIROBOT multi-turn absolute value stepper motor is equipped with a high-resolution encoder for real-time monitoring of the motor's position. Such an encoder provides finer feedback information, making the control system more responsive, thereby maintaining high stability in measurements at the nanometer level.
4.Low Vibration and Low Noise Design
The PUSIROBOT stepper motor driver PMC006 series is designed with a focus on reducing vibration and noise levels, especially in environments requiring nanometer-level measurements. The characteristics of low vibration and low noise help prevent external interference from affecting experiments, ensuring the accuracy of measurement results.

5.Precision Position Control Algorithm
PUSIROBOT stepper motor drivers utilize patented control algorithms to achieve accurate control of position, enabling highly stable movements at the nanometer level.
6.Temperature and Environmental Control
For nanometer-level measurements, the impact of environmental factors on results cannot be ignored. PUSIROBOT stepper motor drivers are suitable for temperatures ranging from -40°C to 80°C, ensuring high stability under different environmental conditions.
In summary, as the driving source for electric displacement platforms, PUSIROBOT stepper motor drivers, with their advantages of high-precision position control, stability, micro-stepping motion, low cost, low power consumption, and low noise, provide the industry with an efficient and reliable solution. In the future of technological development, Chongqing Pusi will continue to play its unique role, leading innovation in electric displacement platform technology, and offering engineers more possibilities.


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