High-current multi-axis controller - PMC005B4

  • The higher drive current, PMC005B4 can be set to drive running current of up to 4A per axis, which can cover most 57 series motors
  • For more micro stepping options, PMC005B4 added to 128 subdivisions, 2/4/6/8/16/32/64/128 are all optional. Higher precision in operation
  • One PMC005 series product can directly replace the "central controller + multiple stepper motor driver" mode in the traditional solution, as shown in the figure below
  • Therefore, according to the functional characteristics of PMC005, it can replace the traditional 4 stepper motor drivers, and realize the simultaneous operation of 4 axes, alternating interspersed operation

Basic features

  1. Four-axis control: This drive board has four independent axis control channels and can manage four different stepper motors simultaneously.
  2. Closed-loop control: Two of the axis support closed-loop control, which means that the system can feedback and adjust the motor movement in real time, improving the accuracy and stability of the movement.
  3. DC Brushed Control: Two DC brushed motor control for applications that do not require extreme precision.
  4. Solenoid control: Control of two solenoid valves, which is important for systems that require precise control of fluids or gases.
  5. Maximum Current 4A: The maximum current output of each axis is 4A, providing enough power for a variety of applications. As shown in Figure 3 below, the frequency moment curves of the 57-56 motors at different speeds are displayed.
  6. Communication interface: The driver board supports communication via USB or RS485, making it easier to integrate into various control systems.
  7. Limit Control: Each axis supports two limit controls, which supports the system power-on reset operation and ensures that the system does not exceed the predetermined range when moving, improving safety.
  8. DT protocol: With DT protocol, secondary development is simple, and software engineers can immediately control the development.
  9. Offline operation: Pre-stored programs can be executed offline or online.

Application Area

  1. Automated production line: In the field of industrial automation, this driver board can be used to control multiple actuators to improve the efficiency of the production line.
  2. Medical devices: In medical devices: closed-loop control can ensure precise position and movement, which is suitable for some scenarios that require high-precision operation.
  3. Lab Equipment: Some lab equipment in research labs may require multi-axis control for precise experimental operations.


In use, the required stepper motor, limit, solenoid valve, encoder are concentrated on one control board, modular installation, which not only saves space and is easy to install, but also provides convenience for later maintenance, so the flexibility and functional richness of the multi-axis control drive board make it an ideal choice in many fields. Whether it's an industrial application that requires high-precision control, or a research project in the laboratory, this drive board is able to meet the needs of users for multi-axis motion control.


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