Miniature DC Motor Drive Controller PMC002C5S


PMC002C5S is a kind of miniature DC motor drive controller, which can be directly used to directly drive all kinds of brush DC motors within 5A. The series controller provides control based on CAN bus. Using PMC002C5S DC motor drive controller, it is easy to achieve industrial control network of as many as 120 nodes, which can achieve closed-loop control based on encoder according to the requirements of user. PMC002C5S adopts industrial standard CANOPEN DS301 control protocol, which not only greatly simplifies the complexity of the upper layer control system, but also maximally reserves flexibility of control, and is suitable for all kinds of high precision, wide range of industry using.

        Technical data

PMC002 bus series
Support motor
Brush DC Motor,Hollow cup motor
The development environment
VC C# Labviwe VB Linux Python
The power supply voltage
DC 9-36V
Output Current

DC 0.4-5A

Speed range
Supported Encorder
Incremental encorder 20-2000cpr
Over 20,000 hours

        The input
General I/O
IO function
Emergency stop input, brake control, digital input/output, analog input, factory reset, 5V output
The input specifications
Digital input voltage: 0-5V
Analog speed regulation input voltage: 0-3.3V
Emergency stop input voltage: 0-24V



CANopen DS301
Baud rate
5k-1M bps


3D file
The user manual
Debug software
Development of the document

        Selection guide

       Functional features

S-curve acceleration and deceleration automatic control
Support separate configuration of starting speed, stopping speed, acceleration and deceleration. Acceleration and deceleration support 8-gear control. Acceleration and deceleration simulation diagram is as follows
Multiple Automatic Protection Functionn
Supporting over-temperature, over-current, under-voltage and over-voltage protection
Program burning and writing offline execution
Users can edit the control functions they want to achieve in the offline control interface, and the control can be executed offline without communication


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