Load torque calculation of belt conveyor drive

When selecting the stepping motor, first ensure that the output power of the stepping motor is greater than the power required by the load. When selecting the power stepping motor, the load torque of the mechanical system must be calculated first.


Different driving motion working modes of PUSIROBOT micro stepper motor controller (Part 1)

Different motion tasks can be completed by selecting different running modes, and selecting a suitable motion mode can make the debugging work more than half easier. When the PMC007CX motor controller drives the motor, it can use position mode, speed mode, pp mode, pv mode, pvt mode, analog positioning, analog speed regulation, synchronous positioning and other working modes. This article will introduce you to the setting methods of the previous working modes.


The PMC005 multi-axis controller of PUSIROBOT

PMC005B3 is a multi-functional high-integration product independently developed by Pusi, which integrates multi-axis stepper parallel control, two-axis DC brush control and solenoid valve control. Its small size, only 48.93mm*57.15mm, can be widely used in small and medium volume multi-axis motion control equipment. Secondly, using the DT protocol, the secondary development is simple, and the software engineer can immediately carry out development control. Finally, it can match multi-axis motors with rated currents of 2.5A and below, and is suitable for medium and low torque equipment environments. At the same time, compared with the single-axis controller, the PMC005B3 has a great improvement in space and cost of use.


Advantages and application scenarios of stepper motors

Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for the miniaturization and light weight of industrial products. How to reduce equipment volume, reduce installation costs and save equipment space while achieving equipment optimization?


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